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Jennifer Hanscom, Artisan & Instructor 

ARTIST STATEMENT ~ I have indulged my creative desires sampling many different media, but when I started bending wire, something really clicked; and so began my journey into the world of metal and glass. I strive to combine form and function to compose works that depict the juxtaposition of logic and art. My designs result from exploring the patterning of shapes and celebrating the beauty of order through intricate construction.

I am an abnormally structured person, as artists go. I view each design as an evolving puzzle. I start by sketching designs on graph paper to work out the proportion, and proceed to draft plans to scale, sometimes working practice parts as I go. This is how I achieve the consistency of my components, which is required for their assembly. This development process is the true love of my work, although seeing the end result is quite gratifying as well.

Jennifer Hanscom has explored a variety of disciplines involved in jewelry making which she utilizes to create elegant looks with timeless appeal. Studying the fundamentals of 3-dimensional design in architecture school now add to the complexity of her construction and mechanisms. Her expertise in sewing, pattern-making and draping afford Jen the ability to craft very wearable jewelry with unique parts. She incorporates computer graphic skills from her embroidery days to make her own textures for the metals, as well as to draft accurate patterns. The skills developed throughout Jennifer Hanscom’s life culminate to give her the resources to create elegantly engineered wearable art.

Jen's display3 8x8 72dpi     Jen's display 8x8 72dpi

Jennifer Hanscom’s showroom at Desert Jewel Studio

Jen will be participating for the fourth year at the 2016 HIDDEN IN THE HILLS STUDIO TOUR & SALE at Desert Jewel Studio in Cave Creek.  She has a longstanding relationship with HITH host, Patricia Shepherd, and for a number of years they worked, taught and participated in HITH together at Creative U in Cave Creek. Believing that the value of art in an individual’s life is immeasurable Jen continues to teach classes throughout the year – now at Desert Jewel Studio.



20th Annual Hidden In The Hills Artist Studio Tour & Sale

Visit Jennifer Hanscom and see her at work at Desert Jewel Studio   

November 18, 19, 20 and 25, 26 & 27, 2016

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